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If Wishes Were Fishes Cover
February 17th, 2015 by Corbett

If Wishes Were Fishes Cover

Get it together, after a long winter holiday we are back in the swing of things and the first adventure of the year is ready for your eye-tongues to feast upon. In this adventure we are back in the setting “Far East of Brattleburg”, fighting against Tekazi’s daughter, who is threatening to destroy the island of Tengoku. The party has to help koi named Coy, seek out a crazy mage and his ape assistant, and get chased down by dire hawks while on a magic carpet. Make sure to grab your copy today, before the voices in your head tell you different.

G1501 – If Wishes Were Fishes

Or, if you want to listen to the show again and pick up on the stuff that got added, then here ya’ go:

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