Who Do We Think We Are?!

Welcome to the Gagmen Podcast! In our Podcasts, we take an adventure pitch, discuss the various elements of the module, including the plot, setting, theme, characters, and conflict. We then produce a finished adventure PDF, available for download, to give the busy DM plenty of material to create or customize their own adventures.

Gathered together, from the four corners of the universe and in this podcast, the GagMen are group of friends with the goal of making a role-playing adventure every month. Each host lives in different areas of the United States, each host with a different background, and each with a different approach to gaming. James, the detailed role-player. Dave, the all out “get on with it” guy. Mike, the action adventure role-player. Corbett, the biggest push-over ever.
What is a Gagman?

Gagmen were the group of comedians that would add to an already created script to “punch it up”. Gagmen are still used in Hollywood today, and in the gagmen fashion we intend to add a little different direction to what is likely an already fun game.

What is the Podcast about?

Gagmen are dedicated to delivering fun new ideas for role-playing game adventures of all types and to help out the beaten down game master that just didn’t have time to work on a game this week. Each month we will be picking out a new game system and in the time of the pod-cast create a new adventure and have it written up by the end of the month.

January 7th, 2015 by Corbett